Naiano is placed between Garda’s lake and Adige river, in the middle of the D.O.C. Classic Bardolino area.
The estate rises in Cavaion Veronese village and it is a green oasis of vineyards and olive oil trees.

Available activities nearby Naiano:

  • Gardaland- Amusement Park (7 km)
  • Sirmione SPA (10 km)
  • Villa Cedri SPA in Cola’ di Lazise (2 km)
  • Sky & Snowboard in Monte Baldo (30 minutes by car)
  • Excursions at Garda’ s Lake and Monte Baldo
  • Zoo Safari Natura Viva (5 km)
  • Caneva World Aquapark (7 km)
  • Golf Paradiso in Peschiera del Garda (7 km)
  • Free climbing in San Zeno di Montagna (5 km)
  • Sigurta’ Garden in Valeggio Sul Mincio (10 km)
  • Garda

    Its name derives from “warda guard” which means to guard : is not by chance that Garda has for centuries served as sentinels in the entire basin of the lake, holding the pride of having given his name, in the twelfth century, all the lake, until then called Benaco. Situated at the center of a wide gulf between the Fortress, where you can enjoy a magnificent view, and the lovely Punta San Vigilio, known for its beautiful beaches, is truly one of the jewels of the Garda Lake. Today Garda has become a fully equipped nice town: the alleys of the old town, once inhabited by fishermen, now houses shops, hotels and restaurants. The activity of fishing is still practiced by the locals and the most important events of Garda are linked to the fishing tradition: the “Palio delle Contrade” is a race that is held in mid-August on the typical rowboat, while the  “Sardellata Pal to the Vo” is a charming dinner by boat in the moonlight on the lake, which is organized in the month of July.


    Like all other towns along the lake, even Lazise is justly proud of its past: the medieval splendor of his memories are still important, as the castle, which was built by the family scaligieri in the mid-fourteenth century, still contains an old town village full of shops, restaurants and bars. Resort area for centuries, has become over the years an unmissable destination for those who are in staying in the area: with its wide range of hotels, restaurants, campings, facilities for leisure and sport, music events and fine cuisine based on excellent local products, will conquer even the most demanding tourists. Freshwater fish, olive oil, wine are the basis and strength of coastal cuisine: excellent risotto with tench and worthy of note grilled fish.


    Located in a charming bend of the Garda Lake, far from crowded and busy areas of the lower lake, Bardolino, the pearl of the Lake, is worth visiting not only for the its natural beauty, but also for the beautiful countryside and the hills behind, place of residence of many Italian and foreign tourists and famous wine production area of Bardolino. The wine is the undisputed star in various  events: the “Wine Festival” held in October, the “Festival of Chiaretto” in May and the “Festival of Novello” (new wine) in November. Sports fans, especially in athletics, can attend  here to the most important international triathlon competition in Italy. The climate of the lake and the fertile of the hills have always been the wealth of this little gem. It was these resources to ensure that in the past this land was claimed by emperors, kings, monks, noble families, who built here palaces and villas. It has thus created a rich artistic heritage, as witnessed today by the presence of roman churches, Venetian villas and parks. Art lovers will not be so disappointed to see the church of San Severo, in Romanesque style, with a medieval crypt, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, while the church of San Zeno, one of the oldest in the province of Verona, deserves a visit for its charm and its architectural beauty.


    Thanks to its natural position, on the tip of the tongue of land that divides the lower lake, Sirmione is always considered one of the most famous and best known resort of the lake. Already inhabited in ancient times, as evidenced by the archeological excavations, Sirmione became a favorite place of resort of high-ranking families, especially in Roman times, who built lavish palaces and villas, of which only ruins called “Grotte di Catullo” survive today, which, covering an area of two hectares, are the most impressive archaeological site in northern Italy. The archaeological, historical and natural attractions are not the only characterization of Sirmione: since the Renaissance this pearl was known to contain sulfur hot springs, the Bojola, welling up from the seabed at 250 meters from the eastern shore. The attempt to channel and exploit the water, keeping the temperature of the original, was successful only in 1896. From this date, the thermal activity of Sirmione is then expanded and became known throughout Europe. Inside the center one can visit the castle, from whose top one can enjoy a fabulous view across the lake. Studded with windows, shops, bars, restaurants and trendy clubs Sirmione offers its tourists a wide choice to meet the tastes of all. Exhibitions, concerts, theater, street markets are just some of the many attractions that Sirmione offers to its many visitors.

  • Monte Baldo

    Monte Baldo rises between Adige River and Garda’ s Lake in a strategic position that allows itself  to be at the same time the keeper of historical geologic reports, the witness of famous events that marked the history and pure and intact naturalistic oasis. Monte Baldo is a very unique mountain. The climatic influence of Garda’s Lake allows the cohabitation of many different and natural environments, like mediterranean bush, pasture lands and rocks of its highest tops. For these reasons Monte Baldo gets the important appellative of “ Garden of Europe”, real ring of  junction of the Alpes to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the best place for the observation and the study of many different faunistic and botanical kinds very rare to find somewhere else, but at the same time it is suitable to give hospitality to excursionists and mountain-bike and free climbing’s fans who love and respect the charm and beauty of Monte Baldo. On the top of the mountain you can admire from a natural terrace, easily reachable by the cableway, the amazing view, suspended from the Earth and the Heaven. In Malcesine village (around 35 minutes from Naiano)  you can get the cableway and in a few minutes you fly over 1800 metres, through its revolving and unique cabins that give you deep and  unforgettable emotions.

  • Verona

    Verona has very old origins and with its innumerable attractions is so wonderful and surprising for thousands of tourists from all over the countries in the world. Art, culture, nature, food and wine…in every corner of the city there is to discover something. The historical town, artistic and cultural patrimony of humanity, is rich of masterpieces well known in the world: the Arena, the Roman Theatre,  Ponte Pietra, Castelvecchio, the Cathedral, San Zeno holy church. The famous playwright William Shakespeare based on the magic atmosphere of Verona one of his most important opera: Romeo and Giulietta. Giulietta’ s balcony is an obligatory stop for all lovers that come to Verona. Walking through the alleys, you discover wonderful places and  characteristic restaurants and taverns where you can taste typical dishes: boiled meat with peara’, slowcoach with pastissada, pasta with beans, salame and delicious risotto.